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How to Choose the Best HVAC Office Design

For too many years our AEC industry has relied on past experience to continue to design and install systems for offices that are grossly less efficient than current HVAC systems that are available at similar or less of the cost. In this blog, we will focus on HVAC office design for multi-story buildings and compare some common systems that are designed and installed. The most popularly used three we will focus on are Self-Contained Water-Cooled Unitary Devices (SWUDs) with Cooling Tower, Chilled Water Air Handling Units (AHUs) with Air-Cooled Chiller, and Water-Cooled VRF/VRV with Cooling Tower. I hope this blog will help you make the most efficient decisions for your office designs, your client’s money, and Mother Earth.

Fire Ratings: Do You Need One?

This blog will attempt to answer the age-old question “Does this electrical room need to be fire rated?”.  Well, we are here to clear the air with an emphatic….maybe. Electrical rooms in and of themselves do not require fire ratings because they are labeled “electrical room” but may need to have rated partitions depending on the type of equipment contained therein or the ratings of the adjacent spaces.

The Innerworkings of LEED Certifications as an MEP Engineer

What is LEED certification and why do we as engineers pursue it? As seen in Figure 1, LEED-certified buildings are constructed to be energy efficient, sustainable designs with lower operating costs and waste. The LEED system provides you with a framework to achieve an overall healthy design that benefits people and the environment.

AEC Lunch and Learns Are Here!

Proficient is Now Offering a Virtual AEC Lunch and Learn! Proficient is now offering our AEC Coordination in Design Lunch and Learn online to help architects with their continuing education needs! Follow the link below or contact us to schedule one. A free lunch will...

BIM Lunch & Learn

Proficient is Now Offering a Virtual BIM Lunch and Learn! Proficient is now offering a Virtual BIM Lunch and Learn to help you with your continuing education needs! Follow the link below or contact us to schedule one. A free lunch will be provided for the participants...

Voltage Drop

What is a Voltage Drop? Introduction What is a voltage drop and how does it play a crucial role in the electrical design process of a building? Throughout this blog, we will provide answers to these questions and discuss why it is important for engineers to follow...

The Value of Air Economizers

Air Economizers Introduction Air economizers are required by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), yet their impact and value are somewhat abstract at first thought. How much energy and money do they actually save? Do economizers operate enough during the...

Coronavirus and HVAC systems

What is the impact of Coronavirus on the HVAC industry? Introduction This blog delves into the challenges this pandemic is levying on the HVAC industry now and in the future. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is believed to be transmitted through close person to person contact,...


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